Be Careful I Love You Stay In Touch

Nick and I have been having conversations that have been boggling my mind lately. It must be the combination of my extremely analytical brain mixed with his Jim Carrey sense of humor.  This afternoon, while munching on a home-made taco, Nick began a soliloquy on why he believes that dinosaurs are aliens and that our planet is actually a chunk of rock that broke off of an even larger planet, and that the dinosaurs (ahem, I mean aliens)  traveled from the larger planet on that tiny chunk that eventually became planet earth! He even inserted a very impressive quote from Newtons law of motion. "But what evidence do you have?" I whined in agony to his theories. "None, but that's just it. There is no evidence to prove it's NOT true either!" 

So after that conversation, I wasn't at all surprised at his next question later on in the day. "Meg, do you think you could write up a little something like you do on your blogs to put up on our "B sides" page on the interweb?" 

He went on...

" You know, I'd like it if you could explain how in the olden days records didn't have 12 or 13 songs on them like they do now. They released one or two singles on one side, and then they used the songs that didn't quite jive with the single on the other side. It's funny don't you think? It's funny that we still use the word "B-sides" when there isn't actually a "B-side" to a cd."

I gave him a quizzical look. "So, let me get this straight, you want me to rant about why a "B-side" isn't really a b-side rather than talk about what the songs are about on our "B-sides" record? After all, you do realize, we use lots of terms like that today that don't really mean what they are called, and nobody throws a parade about it. Take for example those white tank tops that we call "wife-beaters". You don't actually beat your wife with them."

"Exactly. That's funny too! Use that!"

So, there's a brief history of a "B-side" ladies and gentlemen. We didn't choose these songs to go on the "B-sides" record because they didn't fit in. We chose them because we could only fit a certain amount of songs on "Cocoon" and these are the ones that we as a band didn't simultaneously vote on. Needless to say, any one of these, just may be a Meg & Dia band member favorite. 

So, with just about as much eagerness as we felt bringing you "Cocoon", may we present "Be Careful, I Love You, Stay in Touch"

Nick, did I get everything in there? :)


Meg & Dia


Meg & Dia is:
   Meg Frampton (guitars, piano, vocals). Dia Frampton (guitar, piano, vocals). Carlo Gimenez (guitars). Jonathan Snyder (bass guitar). Nick Price (drums, percussion). Meg & Dia enjoy playing and recording music. They also like movies, sunshine and pizza.