Jaclyn Reinhart - Favorite Mistakes EP

Jaclyn Reinhart
Favorite Mistakes EP

June 2011

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew MacRea - MasterTracks Recording Studios Fredericton NB

Website, album, dropcards, press kit artwork by Jessica Middleton


Jaclyn Reinhart - Songwriter, Lead Vocals
Jessy Ashfield - Keys/Vocals
Tony Patterson - Bass
Jonnie Price - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Chris Eagles - Drums

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have had the pleasure and the privilege to work with so many fantastic people though this process of recording my debut EP "Favorite Mistakes". They have helped in many ways such as giving advice, time, money, love and support. There are so many people to thank so here we go!

Jessy Ashfield, Tony Patterson, Christopher Eagles, Jonnie Price, my parents Mike and Sharon Bragdon, Krista Bragdon, Aaron Reinhart, Kasey Reinhart, Benjamin Reinhart, Sheila Reinhart, Danny Crain, Andrew MacRea, Jessica Middleton, JoAnne & Terry Daly, Alie Ashfield, Michael George, Melanie Gordon, Peter Hicks, Barry Hughes & Karen along with the staff of Dolans Pub, Ethan Young-Lai, Evan Hansen, Nathan Cowan, Mark Busson, Jody Vincent, Derek McLaughlin, Ralph D'Amato, ECMA, MNB, Kimberly Sinclair, Jim Kuehnel, Madalyn Sklar (Gogirls Elite), Amy Corbett-Whitting, Gary Weaks, Kellie Hogue Arsenault, the photography students at the Center for Arts and Technology, Brad Cain and the Staff of Mama’s Pub, Scott Jones, Robert & Marylyn Griffiths along with the Cellar Dwellers, Adam Bowie, Meghan Scott, Matt McGuire, Andy Cotter, Rich Glode, David Nightingale, Dave Beattie, Camilo Villamizar, Jeff Dipaolo, Jeannie Chiasson, Reegan McDougall, Charles Barry, Mike Biggar, Karen Casey (Palmer), Clinton Charlton, Jessica Rhaye, Kendra Gale, Ross Neilsen, Rebecca Jones, Juliette Graham, Laura Williams, Joelle Worrell and Peggi Cheverie. If there is anyone else, you know who you are! I appreciate everyone who has touched this project. One more thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love Jaclyn


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Jaclyn Reinhart
Favorite Mistakes EP

1. Corner of My Eye (Jaclyn R.)
2. I Know a Girl
(Jaclyn R.)
3. Oil & Water (Jaclyn R.)
4.Fake It
(Jaclyn R.)
5.One Day
(Jaclyn R.)




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