Darling Fang Fan,


By purchasing our music on this download card, you have made a generous choice to say 'yes' to music, and 'noooooo, get away, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!' to plastic. You're the kind of person who brings their own bag to the grocery store. Your recycling savvy is the envy of the neighbourhood. I'll bet dogs and small children like you, without knowing why.

Hey, and even if that's a bit of hyperbole, we're so glad you've decided to buy our music on these cards. For our debut EP, we decided to put the burden of our art on your ears, and not the planet. We still love art and design, and things you can hold in your hands. Hopefully your one-of-a-kind Fang Pouch is filling that hole in your aesthetic heart. The fact is, Fang lives in a house with too many musicians, and too many large boxes of jewel cases that never got sold. We're not saying that Fang isn't going to sell exactly one million copies of our debut EP, but we are saying: enough with plastic clutter and large boxes in the laundry room! Enough broken jewel cases littering your tables and jumbling beneath your beds. Enough!

Here are some other, surprising advantages to these cards:

1. Fang believes in the environment, and it believes in providing proper exercise to cats. The second life of "Diskopatska" is as a self-assembled cat toy. For full instructions on how to assemble your cat toy, please refer to the operating manual included in your purchase. Note that Fang does not have a narrow-minded view of property when it comes to cats. If you don't have a cat, exercise one belonging to your friend or neighbour. **  Product not guaranteed for small children or dogs. For all service and repairs, consult Fang's Technical Department: Kevin Garneau introdevious@gmail.com **

2. These cards are waaaaay cheaper to mail. So you could totally mail one to your friend in a letter, and it wouldn't even cost an extra stamp. I don't have to tell you how pricey mailing can get. I mean, I love the post, but seriously! Are the mailboxes plated with gold or something? I sincerely hope that the letter carriers all have mink-lined underwear, for the prices of postage these days.

3. Do you like to read? Studies show that Fang's listeners are 25 times more likely to be attractive, and 45 times more likely to enjoy fine literature. If, at some point, you need to take a break from ravaging the pages of War and Peace, or the latest Paul St. Pierre novel, our download cards double as excellent bookmarks. We know, we know. You usually polish off Tolstoy in one sitting. But if you were to suddenly get called away to help an orphan, or build a library, you have no need to worry about losing your page!

Of course, there are many, many more advantages to these cards. If you would like to share some of your favorites, e-mail us at: fangstealshearts@gmail.com

Many thanks for listening, and hoping to see you again soon in your town!  FANG!



According to Wikipedia: Fang is a punk rock band that originated in Berkeley, California in the 1980s. The band broke up in 1989 when key member Sam McBride was sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney. Upon his release, in 1995, McBride changed his name to Sammytown and reformed Fang. Their albums include “Rat Music for Rat People,” and “These Boners Be Poppin.”

What? How can this be? Who’s the real Fang?

WE really are.

In 2009, an alternate current of Fang was brewing in the basement suites and apartments of East Vancouver. Barbara Adler and Ben Brown were spending their Christmas break doing homey things. They got a cat together, roasted fowl, decorated trees, and drank Lambs rum out of the bottle. Little did they know these domestic meanderings would soon coalesce as the iconic bond that is the center of Vancouver’s premier drum and accordion rock band: Fang.

Formed with no knowledge of a pre-existing Californian punk band full of murderers and drug addicts, Vancouver's Fang struts in the face of danger and beatings.

“Yeah? There’s already a punk band named Fang? They date girls named Dixie Lee? They kill people? Yeah? So what.”

Fang doesn’t care if you wear a loin cloth and sing in front of a giant spider web. Plans are in the works for way bigger spider webs, and way smaller loin clothes. Fang doesn’t care that you killed your girlfriend. Well, actually, it really does. Fang is not down with murder. Fang also knows that there are way more punk rock things to do than kill people.

Fang is Barbara Adler, Ben Brown and James Meger.

Fang plays disastrously energetic words and song and accordion mash-ups. Barbara Adler gets the crazy eyes, and Ben Brown drums like a house on fire. James Meger stomps and saunters like a greasy breakfast on legs. Fang is DIY, Arts & Crafts, and has a good back to carry heavy things.

For more information, come to a show. Unless your name is "Sammytown". Please e-mail in advance if your name is "Sammytown".


Barbara Adler: accordion and vox
Ben Brown: drums, percussion and vox
James Meger: bass and vox

Second Accordion on "Walking" and "Things I Lose: James Meger
Piano and general noise on "Steals Hearts": Ben Brown

All songs by Barbara Adler.
Copyright 2011
Produced by Fang
Recorded at the Ben Brown Family Cabin, Galiano Island and the Pandora House, Vancouver
Engineered by Ben Brown and James Meger
Mixed and Mastered by Derek DiFillipo

Fang thanks our friends and families, who have heroically given us their help and love in so many ways. A huge merci to The Star Captains for the loan of so much gear. Thanks as well to Ben Brown's mom, for the use of her lovely cabin, and to the Pandora House, for putting up with a lot of bizarre yelling and accordion.


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