45RPM by Dropcards

The simple and affordable way to package music downloads with vinyl.

Brought to you by Dropcards™, the industry leader in custom music download cards, comes a turn-key solution for musicians and record labels to give fans a digital copy of their album with the purchase of its vintage vinyl counterpart.

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About 45RPM by Dropcards™.

image 45RPM is a boutique project, created and maintained by your friends at Dropcards™, the industry leader in custom music download cards. A streamlined version of our award-winning music download card platform, 45RPM was designed specifically for pairing lightweight music download cards with vinyl records to give customers the opportunity to purchase music on both their preferred format of vintage vinyl as well as a digital copy to transfer to their PC, Mac or portable music player, including the iPod® and iPhone®. Each unique access code gives the customer a secure, one-time download of the media that you choose to offer, in the format and quality that you choose to offer it in.

45RPM or Dropcards: Which Is Right For You?

Let's compare, shall we?

45RPM Dropcards
Secure, One-Time Download Yes Yes
Client Services Dashboard Account Control Yes Yes
Real-Time Redemption Statistics Yes Yes
24/7 Help-Desk Support Yes Yes
User Data Collection   Yes
Dedicated & Customizable Landing Page   Yes
High Quality Collectable Download Card   Yes
Personalized Cardstock Download Card Yes  
Integration with Your Website   Yes
Centralized Download Location Yes  
Email Collection Yes Yes
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How It Works.

45RPM Music Download Site Screenshot Step 1: Sign up for an account and upload the digital version of your record's master. We'll print and ship personalized download cards (on 100% recycled cardstock) with your Artist and Album Name and a unique download code on each card.

Step 2: Insert your 45RPM download cards into your records!

Step 3: After purchasing your record, users visit the website on your cards, enter their code and download! No need for them to sign up for an account and we don't ask them for any information. It couldn't be more simple!

What's Included?

Yes Hosting and secure delivery of your digital media in any format (.MP3, .WAV, .WMA, etc.) in the bit rate of your choosing up to 320 kps!
Yes Communal download portal at www.dropcards.com/vinyl.
Yes Personalized 45RPM download card with your Artist and Album name, printed on 100% recycled cardstock. View an example here.
Yes Real-time redemption statistics viewable through your Client Services Dashboard.
Yes Full time support from the Dropcards™ user-support network to ensure that your customers have a carefree experience in retrieving their downloads.

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Pricing Info.

45RPM Dropcards
500 cards $0.24 ea. $0.39 ea.
1,000 cards $0.19 ea. $0.34 ea.
2,500 cards $0.14 ea. $0.29 ea.
5,000 cards $0.12 ea. $0.24 ea.
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All orders under 5,000 qty. are subject to a $49.00 setup fee.

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