An electronica duo creating exotic music, spanning various genres

The Arcane Garden is a musical collaboration between Michelle Moss and William Chapman.

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The Arcane Garden is a musical collaboration between Michelle Moss and William Chapman.

Michelle has been singing, writing songs and performing for 20 years, and Will has an extensive industry history: performing, producing, and/or engineering for various artists such as Strange Advance, D.O.A., Randy Bachman, D.O.A., Neil Young, and Long John Baldry.

After first connecting in Vancouver, the two relocated to the Kootenays, near Nelson, B.C., where they built a small project studio and now continue to explore their musical relationship.
The self-titled cd ‘The Arcane Garden’ is their first offering, released independently in December of 2008, containing 10 tracks of original music covering a wide range of genres; trip hop, down tempo, drum n bass, and ambient.

The 2nd full length cd ‘Dig Deep’ was released in July 2010. This cd covers an even wider range of music genres and features a guest performance by music legend Ellen McIlwaine.
Ongoing live performances feature Will on fretless bass, Michelle singing, and a compliment of assorted live players providing additional live elements (percussion, guitar, etc.)

The 3rd full length cd ‘Seed’ was released in August of 2012. It includes performances by additional musicians such as Mel Watson (trumpet/sax), Corbin Keep (Cello), Ben Johnson (Santour), Stefane Pelletier (guitars) and Peter Duryea (voice).

A music video is currently in preproduction, and plans for a local promotional tour are in the works.

The project is just putting the finishing touches on it's 4th release, entitled: 'Fall Into the Crimson', which will be available in early 2017

Starting in 2016, The Arcane Garden has added projected visuals for their live performances.
Each song has a 'frame accurate' edited ambient video associated with it, incorporating, time lapse, slow motion, and other assorted imagery (specific to each song) playing behind the band, adding subtext and a dynamic visual component to the live show

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