A collection of original songs that take the listener on a voyage of self-reflection & empowerment. 'First Steps' includes performances by 10 special guests.

REVIEWS: 'Incredibly Promising' - Remy S. "Grassroots singer-songwriter Jesse Lacy is sure to mak

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REVIEWS: 'Incredibly Promising' - Remy S. "Grassroots singer-songwriter Jesse Lacy is sure to make a bold impression on his debut album First Steps. Lacy's combination of poetic lyricism and softly assertive vocals makes each track both a meditation on youthful hopefulness and coming-of-age nostalgia. His pleasant audial resemblance to Jason Mraz additionally makes his sounds more accessible to those unfamiliar with his work. From the slowly melodic "Nobody Gives It Time" to the amped up never-miss-a-beat energy of "Like I Did," Lacy gives every listener hope for even greater things to come and a hypnotically soothing record to listen to in the meantime." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Unique, and Memorable' - Anne S. "After listening to First Steps for the first time, I found myself thinking of the lyrics and looking forward to hearing each song again – to me, that’s the sign of a really good album.. Each song is distinct with well-developed character – each like a slice of life, and are all beautifully played. Lacy brings a unique voice to the music world – let’s hope this vibrant first album will be just the start of a full catalog of recordings from this talented artist." __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Bold First Steps' - Evan Knox "Really lovely music. Soothing but upbeat. Jesse draws you into his life and family in a warm way."

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